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ISO 27001 Lead Implementer

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7.5 hours on-demand video

Documentation Toolkit

Implementation Project Plan

Mind Map Collection

Control Mapping Table

List ISO 27000 Family of Standards


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If you’re here right now, I know it’s because of one of the following reasons:

The Challenges You Face

Implementing ISO 27001 is a tough challenge that many people struggle with. Understanding the standard is just the tip of the iceberg.

Complexity: ISO 27001 is full of details that can be hard to follow. Risk assessments, statements of applicability – the list of requirements seems endless.

Trial & Error: Without a clear roadmap, organizations are often forced to rely on trial and error. This approach is not only costly but also frustrating and time-consuming.

Time-Consuming: Many organizations find themselves dedicating months to the implementation process. The numerous assessments, documentation, and internal audits required can put a strain on your resources and hinder your day-to-day operations.

Costly: Whether you're considering hiring consultants or assigning a dedicated internal team, the costs associated with ISO 27001 can quickly pile up. From training to necessary tools, the expenses can be hefty.

Generic Nature: ISO 27001 is prescriptive and generic, which makes it even more difficult to implement. The one-size-fits-all approach means that you have to interpret the standard and adapt it to your organization's unique context, adding another layer of complexity.

Listen, You are Not alone!

I know how complicated and time consuming a certification journey can be...

The Solution for You

Imagine having a step-by-step blueprint, tailored to fit any organization regardless of size, type, or nature. Imagine having access to a comprehensive collection of resources designed to simplify and accelerate your implementation process.

✅ Clarity: With a structured 12-step approach, the complexities of ISO 27001 are broken down into manageable steps, giving you a clear path forward.

Proven Method: You can avoid the costly and frustrating trial-and-error phase. This course is based on a proven 12-step approach that has been successfully implemented by organizations of all sizes and types.

Efficiency: No more lengthy implementation processes. You'll have access to templates and tools designed to save you hundreds of hours.

Affordability: You can now get closer to compliance without the exorbitant costs. This course offers a growing collection of resources at a fraction of the price.

Personalized Approach: With a course that translates the generic contents of ISO 27001 into actionable advice, you'll have a personalized roadmap, tailored to fit your organization's unique context.

Here is what you'll get.

Packed with Features

Project Plan

The course features a fully customizable project plan for the implementation of an ISMS in accordance to ISO 27001.

Learn more

Documentation Toolkit

Kickstart your ISO 27001 journey with an evolving documentation toolkit. Get key templates and guidelines that save time and help with compliance and certification.

✓ Scope Statement

✓ Information Security Policy

✓ Information Classification Policy

✓ Risk Assessment Process

✓ Risk Treatment Process

✓ Statement of Applicability

More Templates Coming Soon!

Video Course

Master ISO 27001 with a 8-hour video course, packed with case studies and quizzes. Apply your knowledge to real-life scenarios.


Mind Map Collection

Standards can be confusing and tiring. In this course, interactive visuals make understanding the requirements fast and enjoyable.

Bonus Resources

A variety of additional resources will help you to deepen your understanding and simplify the daily tasks of managing information security.

✓ Control Mapping Table(ISO 27002:2022, NIST SP 800-53, NIST Cybersecurity Framework, CIS Critical Security Controls)

✓ Control Mapping Table (2013 → 2022)

✓ List of ISO 27000 Family of Standards

✓ ISO 19011 Audit Workflow


This course has helped more than 7,500+ professionals boostaccelerate their careers.

"Very impressed with the quality, very much at the level of a professional training company, which may cost thousands of US$."


Peter W.

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"This course doesn't involve any unnecessary nonsense. It is a short and precise introduction to ISO 27001, that is structured in a way that allows to learn about one aspect a day, without eating up a lot of your spare time. Exactly what I am looking for in a course."


Kevin L.

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"I am taking my first steps in the cybersecurity industry, where I already had the opportunity to enter the field of compliance analysis of the ISO 27001 standard. This course definitely helped me to deepen my knowledge, to better understand how to identify potential risks and implement appropriate controls to minimize them. I recommend anyone who is interested in this subject to take this incredible course. Kudos to Aron for his clarity and ability to keep you focused and interested in each piece of content.


Cristóbal U.

Udemy Rating

The content is very well explained. Although I have already experience in ISMS there were topics which I didn´t know. This course gives you a high level perspective of what you need to focus on. The supporting Material is also very good!


Julian M.

Udemy Rating

This course is excellent. When I first tried reading the standard, I quickly gave up. It is written in a way that at first glance seems totally incomprehensible. Luckily, I came across this course and after having watched it several times, I can now read the standard with relative ease. It is not just the explanation that is excellent, also the supporting slides are of outstanding quality. It is truly amazingly good...


Diego D.

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"It is very useful that case studies support the course. It's great that you provide a comprehensive project plan document. Dear Aron, thank you for providing this hundreds of dollars worth of training at a reasonable price. I strongly recommend this course to anyone who wants to establish ISO 27001 and/or learn ISO 27001 comprehensively."


Enfal S.

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Imagine being taught ISO27001 by Arnold Swarzenegger... ;)


John P.

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Implementing an ISO 27001 compliant information security management system is a challenging project that requires a structured approach. The course is aligned with a generic 12-step approach which is applicable to all organisations, regardless of size, type or nature.

Step 1

🤝 Management Support

Secure the backing you need to successfully implement ISO 27001 by gaining the endorsement and commitment of your organization's leadership.

Step 2

🚀 Initiate the ISMS

Design and establish the necessary management, core and support processes to ensure the ISMS can deliver its results.

Step 3

🔳 Determine Scope

Define the boundaries of your ISO 27001 implementation by identifying the parts of your organization, the information, and the systems that will be included.

Step 4

🔐 Define Information Security Policy

Establish a strong foundation for your information security management system by creating a policy that outlines your organization's security objectives and commitments.

Step 5

👩‍🏫 Competence Assurance

Enhance your information security posture by assessing, developing and documenting the competence of personnel, ensuring they meet the necessary security standards and objetives.

Step 6

📦 Asset Inventory

Get a clear view of what needs to be protected by cataloging all the information assets within the scope of your ISO 27001 implementation.

Step 7

📊 Risk Management Methodology

Choose a risk management methodology that fits your organization, ensuring you can effectively identify and evaluate the security risks that threaten your information assets.

Step 8

🔍 Risk Assessment

Gain insight into the potential threats and vulnerabilities facing your information assets, and assess their potential impact and likelihood.

Step 9

🛡️ Risk Treatment

Decide on the best approach to manage each identified risk, whether it's reducing, retaining, transferring, or avoiding it, and then put the appropriate controls in place.

Step 10

📈 Performance Evaluation

Continuously monitor and measure your information security management system's performance to ensure it's effectively managing risks and achieving your security objectives.

Step 11

🔄 Improvement

Keep your information security management system up-to-date and resilient by continually identifying and implementing opportunities for improvement.

Step 12

🥇 Certification Audit

Validate your efforts and demonstrate your organization's commitment to information security by successfully undergoing an external audit to achieve ISO 27001 certification.

Free Preview

This lecture is part of Step 6 and covers the requirements of clause 6.1.2 Information security risk assessment. You can find more free lessons on my YouTube channel - you don't want to miss out on that.


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ISO 27001 Lead Implementer

Learn how to implement an ISMS.



✓ 7 hours on-demand video

Project Plan

✓ Documentation Toolkit

✓ Mind Map Collection

✓ 4 Bonus Resources

✓ 13 Quizes

✓ 5 Case Studies


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